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eXTReMe Tracker Artificial intelligence in the Robotics Age
Posted in: News | by Brian Taylor | 2018 Jun 28
Robotic AI
Robotic Artificial intelligence is coming, but it's still in it's infancy. A lot of companies getting into AI, but it seems to be more hype with no evidence of solid breakthroughs.

There are still a lot of bugs in the system that need to be worked out. Examples include self driving cars that run over pedestrians.

It may happen soon, but not this year. Most examples we have today are in the experimental stage. The 'Safety Factor' is not at the point of eliminating danger to the public.

AI is better suited for technology that doesn't have the potential of doing harm. I don't think we are in and danger of being eaten by our AI Bunnyslippers.

Maybe we should be working on AI salt shakers that limit how much salt we use each day..

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