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eXTReMe Tracker AT28C64-15PC AT28C64-15PI DIP-28 ATMEL
Posted in: Specs | by Brian Taylor | 2018 Oct 08
8 bit eeprom
Features, Applications:
Features Fast Read Access Time ­ 120 ns Fast Byte Write or 1 ms Self-timed Byte Write Cycle

Internal Address and Data Latches, Internal Control Timer, Automatic Clear Before
Origin: Hong Kong
Delivery: 10-19, 11-08
datepaid: 2018-10-08
Received: 2019-10-11
Quantity: 1pcs
Price: 5.79
Shipping: 2.99
Total: 8.78
Write Direct Microprocessor Control, READY/BUSY Open Drain Output, DATA Polling Low Power 30 mA Active Current 100 µA CMOS Standby Current High Reliability, Endurance: or 105 Cycles, Data Retention: 10 Years ± 10% Supply CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs JEDEC Approved Byte-wide Pinout Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges


The is a low-power, high-performance 8,192 words by 8-bit nonvolatile electrically erasable and programmable read only memory with popular, easy-to-use features. The device is manufactured with Atmel's reliable nonvolatile technology. (continued)

Pin Name - I/O7 RDY/BUSY NC DC Function Addresses Chip Enable Output Enable Write Enable Data Inputs/Outputs Ready/Busy Output No Connect Don't Connect TSOP Top View

Note: PLCC package pins 1 and 17 are DON'T CONNECT.

The AT28C64 is accessed like a Static RAM for the read or write cycles without the need for external components. During a byte write, the address and data are latched internally, freeing the microprocessor address and data bus for other operations. Following the initiation of a write cycle, the device will to a busy state and automatically clear and write the latched data using an internal control timer. The device includes two methods for detecting the end of a write cycle, level detection of RDY/BUSY (unless pin 1 is N.C.) and DATA Polling of I/O7. Once the end of a write cycle has been detected, a new access for a read or write can begin. The CMOS technology offers fast access times ns at low power dissipation. When the chip is deselected the standby current is less than 100 µA. Atmel's AT28C64 has additional features to ensure high quality and manufacturability. The device utilizes error correction internally for extended endurance and for improved data retention characteristics. An extra 32 bytes of EEPROM are available for device identification or tracking.

Temperature under Bias................................ to +125°C
Storage Temperature..................................... to +150°C
All Input Voltages (including NC Pins) with Respect to +6.25V
All Output Voltages with Respect Ground.............................-0.6V to VCC + 0.6V
Voltage on OE and A9 with Respect to +13.5V

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