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eXTReMe Tracker HDSP-2113 8-digit, 5x7 dot matrix, alphanumeric display
Posted in: Specs | by Brian Taylor | 2019 Jan 07
The HDSP-2113 is ideal for applications where displaying eight or more characters of dot matrix information in an aesthtically pleasing manner is required. The device is a 8-digit, 5x7 dot matrix, alphanumeric display and are all packaged in a standard 15.24mm (0.6 inch) 28 pin DIP. The on-board CMOS IC has the ability to permanently stored in ROM. In addition, 16 programmable symbols may be stored in on-board ROM, allowing considerable flexibility for displaying additional symbols and icons. Seven brightness levels provide versatility in adjusting the display intensity and power consumption. The HDSP-2113 products are designed for standard microprocessor interface techniques. The display and special features are accessed through a bidirectional 8-bit data bus.

Origin: UK
Delivery: 01-24, 03-06
datepaid: 2020-01-25
Received: 2020-01-xx
Quantity: 1pcs
Price: 23.51
Shipping: 11.00
Total: 34.51
128 Character ASCII Decoder
Programmable Functions
16 User Definable Characters
Multi-Level Dimming and Blanking
TTL Compatible CMOS IC
Wave Solderable

Computer Peripherals
Industrial Instrumentation
Medical Equipment
Portable Data Entry Devices
Cellular Phone
Telecommunication Equipment
Test Equipment

Package Included: 1 x 8 led display
eBay Item: 223770592656


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