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eXTReMe Tracker New Attitude Gyroscope Accelerometer Magnetic Sensor Module MPU9250 9D0F 9-Axis
Posted in: Specs | by Brian Taylor | 2017 Sept 29
9-Axis Accelerometer
MPU-9250 modules (three-axis gyroscope + triaxial accelerometer + triaxial magnetic field)

Use Chip: MPU-9250

Power supply: 3-5V
Origin: Hong Kong
Delivery: 2017-09-25
datepaid: 2017-09-29
Received: 2018-07-14
Quantity: 1pcs
Price: 2.85
Shipping: 0.00
Total: 2.85
(internal low dropout regulator)

Communication: standard IIC communication protocol

Chip 16bit AD converter, 16 outputs the data

Gyro range: ± 250 500 1000 2000 °/ s

Acceleration range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16g

Magnetic field range: ± 4800uT

Using Immersion Gold PCB, machine welding process to ensure quality

RM: 2.54mm
mpu-9250 data sheet


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