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eXTReMe Tracker RJ45 Adapter with In-Built Isolation Transformer
Posted in: Specs | by Brian Taylor | 2018 Dec 25
RJ45 Adapter
Standard RJ45 Adapter for connecting to a LAN Network. Solid reliable construction with in-built isolation transformer for transmit and receive wires. High voltage grounding capacitor also built-in for CHS, with each line tied to ground with grounding resistor. Green and Yellow LED's are mounted on the front of the socket for use as Send and Receive Indication. The adapter is mounted on standard 0.1inch male headers for easy mounting in a socket on your PCB.

Part Code: RJ45_ADAPTER_MG
Price: $2.90/ea @

  • Standard LAN RJ45 Socket
  • Fitted with Male Headers for Easy Fitting on your PCB
  • Isolation Transformer In-Built within Socket
  • Green and Yellow LED's within the Socket
  • Ideal for Connecting your Control Board or Development Board to a LAN Network

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